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Prowl and Bumble bee

  Painfull love.....

"Bumble Bee? Hey Bumble Bee where are you!" called Optimus from out in the hallway.

"Bumble Bee is takeing a nap Optimus...what do you need?" Asked Prowl walking out of his room.

"Oh Prowl.....I was just wanted to know were he was.....he's not acting like himself lately."

"What do you mean?"

"He's just not been the same since that last mission you know when he was helping Bulkhead rebuild a bridge and fell on top of Ratchet."

"Ah yes I heard about that.....Ratchet was a bit harsh on him."

"Yeah...I'm a little worried."

"Don't worry just let him calm down and let him get it out of his head." Optimus looked at Bumble Bee's room and walked away. Prowl walked over to the door and knocked, a few seconds later a huge bang is heard. It sounded like something just hit the door, Prowl jumped slightly. Prowl opened the door to find a wrench on the floor and a dent in the door. Bumble Bee was huddled on his bed in a ball, his back faced the door. Prowl could feel the tenchion in the air, it was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Prowl closed and locked the door...and walked up to Bumble Bee.

"I heard about your fight with Ratchet.....is that true?" There was no answer, Bumble Bee's scilence was eerie...and cold. Prowl put his hand on his shoulder, Bumble Bee just shook it off. Prowl was now starting to get annoyed, he tried again but got the same responce. Prowl try to remain calm and collect, but this childish acting had to stop. Prowl grabbed Bumble Bee by both shoulders and turned Bumble Bee towards him. But what Prowl saw next shocked him still to this day, Bumble Bee was crying. His faced showed anger but his eyes showed great pain and sadness. Prowl looked at him with disbelief, never in all his time spent has he seen him cry. Bumble Bee turned away and went back to his origanel posion, Prowl for a minute didn't move due to the shock. But he soon snapped out of his trance and looked down at Bumble Bee huddled so close to himself. Prowl sat next to him, he turned slightly and placed a hand on his arm. Bumble Bee tried to shake it off but Prowl wouldn't let it happen. Prowl then flipped him on his back and and pinned him down hard to his bed. Bumble Bee's head tossed form side to side to try and break free form Prowls grasp.

"Bumble Bee calm down now...stop acting like a sparkling and look at me now....just calm down. What wrong...why are you crying?" Bumble Bee didn't answer, he just did his best to keep his gaze from meeting Prowls. Prowl sighed and looked at Bumble Bee for a minute.

"Alright my hand had been forced....just remember you forced me to do this." Bumble Bee looked up at Prowl but then cringed the sound of his caseing opening.

"Stop not now Prowl!" shouted Bumble Bee covering his caseing. Prowl smile...he leaned in and clamed a kiss. Prowl's hand snaked it's way into the caseing, slowly he began rubbing the wire. Bumble Bee's legs squirmed and cringed, his hands shook as they gripped the bed.

"Are you going to tell me what happend or do I have to...well you must already know." Bumble Bee remaind scilent. Prowled sighed again, he grabbed Bumble Bee's hands and tied them together with his headphone wires.

"AH no stop it Prowl....I don't want to talk.....I want to be left alone no..." Before he could finish his sentence Prowl clamed another kiss and stuck in the pill shaped object he used on him last time. Prowl closed his caseing and turned it on, Bumble Bee let out a moan as it started to vibrate. Bumble Bee squirmed and writhed on his bed, Prowl leaned down and asked the same question.

"Are you going to tell me why your crying? I'll stop if you tell me..." Bumble Bee looked at Prowl like he wanted him to die. Again Prowl sighed, showing Bumble Bee the remote he turned up the vibration level by one. Prowl licked Bumble Bee's cheek as he moaned again, Prowl worked his way down to his neck where he licked and kissed it.

"This can all stop if you just tell me why your acting this way...was it something Ratchet said that made you so upset?" Bumble Bee looked away, he didn't show the "go to hell" look like before. Instead this looked more sad, and depressing. Prowl shut off the pill for a moment and lifted his head up to where both of their faces were only a few centimeters away.

"Was it something Ratchet said that is makeing you this way Bumble Bee?"

"Yeah..." In a slight whimper.

"I see....." Prowl got up and was about to go head out...but before he could even get up he felt something tug on him. Bumble Bee gripped his arm tightly, Prowl looked at him seeing a few energon tears fall. Prowl smiled, he knew what Bumble Bee wanted.

"You want me to finish what I started?"

"Please....I want my head cleared......please....and without the pill?" Prowl nodded but first untied him and then opened his caseing takeing out the pill shaped object, lubricant spilled out. Bumble Bee panted as Prowl stuck his fingers into the caseing, Bumble Bee latched on to Prowl. Bumble Bee was only proped up on his knee's, his arms wrapped around Prowls neck as his fingers slithered around in his caseing.

"Why don't you lye down...it'll be easier for you and me...." Bumble Bee let out a held in breath and layed back on his hands.

"Not what I really had in mind....." At that time Prowl took both of Bumble Bee's feet and raised them up into the air, it caused him to fall backwards onto his back.

"That's better...it's more easier you...." Prowl licked his fingers of the lubricant and took a kiss form Bumble Bee, a trail of lubricant mixed with siliva connected both mouths. Prowl worked his way down to Bumble Bee's caseing and began to lick up the lubricant around and in the caseing.

"AHH...aaaahh...mmmmnnn....naaaa....mmmm" Bumble Bee tried to scilence his moans with his hands but...was proved unsucessful. Prowl lapped up what was left of the lubricant and opened his caseing and pressed them both together. Prowl gritted his, Bumble Bee moaned and gripped the bed tightly. Prowl rubbed his caseing against Bumble Bee's harder and harder. Bumble Bee let out a gasp, a slight rattle sound and both layed beside each other on the bed. Both caseings were driping with each others lubricant.

                                                     *The end*